Why rarely can you learn about wars in universities in Hong Kong?

Main Library of HKU, Courtesy of Chromatograph on Unsplash

HKU(4): Three history courses (World Wars, WWII Pacific Theatre, and Aerial Bombing)+ One common core course (Narratives of war)
CUHK(3): Two from Global Studies (Wars, and Insurrections)+ One from History (War and Society)
EDUHK(1): One about World Wars
HKBU(1): One about Global Military History
LingU(1): One from Political Science (Theories of War and Peace)
CityU(0): None
UST(0): None
PolyU(0): None

To my surprise, HKU is actually the local university that opened the most military-related course this year.

Heck, that’s what all I got for this semester. Severely underloaded, I have no clue about what should I take. (Screenshot of my enrollment record)


The anti-ELAB struggle could have been uncontrollable if the average youth were equipped with military knowledge and more organized. (Photo by Leung Yattin on Unsplash)




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