Why rarely can you learn about wars in universities in Hong Kong?

Main Library of HKU, Courtesy of Chromatograph on Unsplash
Heck, that’s what all I got for this semester. Severely underloaded, I have no clue about what should I take. (Screenshot of my enrollment record)


One possibility of this marginalization of military knowledge of Hong Kong people is that it is a delicate policy crafted by the Central Government to prevent chances of insurrection. In the Basic Law, it stated that Beijing is responsible for “foreign affairs and national defence” of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Garrison is drawn from the Peoples’ Liberation Army but not recruited locally. The government may have seen the possession of such conflict knowledge could hamper the stability of the city as people would be more likely to take up armed opposition against the regime.

The anti-ELAB struggle could have been uncontrollable if the average youth were equipped with military knowledge and more organized. (Photo by Leung Yattin on Unsplash)



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